6 april, 80.6kg, KHK-Borås 4-2, KHK-fest, bokföring

Idag stod vågen på 80.6kg (upp 0.2kg sedan igår morse).

KHK-Borås 4-2

The last game for the season. The game didn’t really matter (besides honor and glory) for any of the two teams since they both were the first and the second in the league and the runners-up could not touch them. Anyway, the game was really good and the spirits were high in KHK who fought to win the last game for the home crowd of 3400 fans. This was the first and only game for the goal-keeper that we hired just for this qualification season and he did a good job. I’m glad he got the opportunity to show his skill.

Some hours after the game it was a party at Statt Nightclub and the players and managers and volonteers as well as the fans partied and celebrated the historic moment of KHK reaching the second highest league in Sweden.


Today was an accounting day, did about 12 verifications for the book keeping. Tomorrow I’ll continue and fix the VAT and other taxes that needs to be taken care of before the 12th of every month.

Looking forward to sunday

First spa with sauna and jacuzzi with a few friends and then perhaps go to Hässleholm to dance Lindy Hop, Bugg and Boogie Woogie with a few other friends 🙂


2 halva promenader under hockeymatchen


Frukost: 3 knäckebröd med keso (grillad paprika), leverpastej, apelsinjuice

Lunch: Potatismos, falukorv, sallad

Middag: 4 sorters pizzaslices

Övrigt: Ostbågar, lite chips, naturgodis, vanligt godis, cheeze balls, kaka

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    • I’m also looking forward to dancing with you and the others but the question is if I’ll be able to drive safely home afterwards.

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