10 april, 81.7kg, indian food, volleyball practice, lindy hop shim sham practice

Today the weight was at 81.7kg (up 0.9kg since yesterday).


Volleyball 80 minutes

Lindy Hop 60 minutes. This training we practiced the Shim Sham.
Here is an example of how the Shim Sham can look like, performed by our friends in Malmö, Cats Corner. Me and Karla also practiced the first two parts of the Around the World.



Breakfast: 3knäckebröd with keso (grilled peppers), leverpastej, orange juice antioxidant capsule.

Lunch: Chicken saag xhot-ris

Dinner: 1 hot cup “Varma koppen” minestrone, 1 energy bar, 1 cheeseburger

Other: 1 banana, 1 carrot, ice cream

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