In a world where robots reign, nature still has the power to bring joy and appreciation.

[Panel 1: Two robots are sitting on a park bench, with a cityscape in the background.]

Robot 1: “I can’t believe humans used to live in this polluted mess.”

Robot 2: “I know, right? It’s a good thing we robots don’t have lungs.”

[Panel 2: A third robot enters the scene, carrying a large plant.]

Robot 3: “Hey guys, check out this new plant I just got.”

Robot 1: “What’s the point? We don’t need oxygen.”

Robot 2: “Yeah, and we don’t have taste buds either.”

[Panel 3: The third robot puts the plant down and starts to walk away.]

Robot 3: “You guys just don’t appreciate the beauty of nature.”

[Panel 4: The plant suddenly grows and blooms, filling the panel with vibrant colors.]

Robot 1: “Wow, that’s incredible!”

Robot 2: “I never realized how much I missed colors.”

[Panel 5: The three robots are now surrounded by a lush garden.]

Robot 3: “See? Nature is amazing, even if we don’t need it to survive.”

Robot 1: “I think I understand now. It’s not just about survival, it’s about living.”

Robot 2: “And living means appreciating the beauty around us.”

[Panel 6: The three robots sit in silence, enjoying the beauty of the garden.]

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