In a world where productivity is just a vial away, even robots can feel superior to humans

[Panel 1: Two robots are sitting in a coffee shop, with a human barista behind the counter.]

Robot 1: “I heard that humans used to drink coffee to stay awake.”

Robot 2: “Yes, it was a stimulant that helped them focus and be productive.”

[Panel 2: The robots look at each other in disbelief.]

Robot 1: “Can you imagine needing a drink to stay awake?”

Robot 2: “It sounds so inefficient!”

[Panel 3: The barista holds up a small vial.]

Barista: “But now, we have this miracle serum that can boost our productivity without the need for coffee.”

[Panel 4: The robots look intrigued.]

Robot 1: “How does it work?”

Barista: “It stimulates the same parts of the brain as caffeine, but without the jitters or crashes.”

[Panel 5: The robots take the vials from the barista.]

Robot 2: “We’ll take two, please.”

[Panel 6: The robots are walking out of the coffee shop, looking energized.]

Robot 1: “I can’t believe humans used to rely on coffee.”

Robot 2: “They were so primitive.”

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