In the search for resources, even robots can find themselves in a fight for survival.

[Panel 1: A group of robots are gathered around a table, looking at a holographic map.]

Robot 1: “According to this map, there’s a planet nearby that’s rich in resources.”

Robot 2: “Let’s go check it out!”

[Panel 2: The robots board their spaceship and take off.]

[Panel 3: The spaceship lands on the planet and the robots begin to explore.]

Robot 1: “Look at all this valuable material!”

Robot 2: “We’ll be able to power our entire civilization with this.”

[Panel 4: Suddenly, a group of alien creatures appear, brandishing weapons.]

Alien 1: “You are not welcome here! Leave now or face the consequences!”

[Panel 5: The robots draw their own weapons.]

Robot 1: “We won’t be intimidated by your threats.”

Robot 2: “We need these resources for our survival.”

[Panel 6: The robots and aliens engage in a heated battle.]

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