Sometimes, the future is best left to unfold on its own.

[Panel 1: A group of scientists are gathered around a large machine with blinking lights.]

Scientist 1: “I think we’ve finally done it! We’ve created a machine that can see into the future!”

[Panel 2: The scientists activate the machine.]

Machine: “Scanning future…processing data…prediction complete.”

[Panel 3: The machine displays a holographic image of a futuristic cityscape.]

Scientist 2: “Wow, look at that! It’s amazing!”

[Panel 4: The machine suddenly explodes, sending the scientists flying.]

Scientist 1: “Uh oh, I think we pushed it too far.”

[Panel 5: The scientists are lying on the ground, covered in soot.]

Scientist 3: “Well, back to the drawing board. Maybe we should start with something a little less ambitious next time.”

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