Pesky ethical questions

Panel 1: A group of aliens is standing on a spaceship, looking at a picture of Earth on a screen.

Alien 1: “What do you think Earthlings are up to now?”

Alien 2: “According to their news, they’ve just made a major breakthrough in gene editing.”

Panel 2: The aliens zoom in on the screen, showing a close-up of a news headline.

Headline: “Gene Editing Breakthrough Raises Ethical Questions.”

Alien 3: “Ah, they’re still asking those pesky ethical questions.”

Panel 3: One of the aliens pulls out a book titled “The Ethics of Alien Exploration.”

Alien 1: “Speaking of ethics, have you guys read this book?”

Alien 2: “No, what’s it about?”

Panel 4: The first alien shows the book to the others, revealing the title and author.

Book title: “The Ethics of Alien Exploration” by Dr. John Smith.

Alien 1: “It’s written by one of their top scientists. He argues that we should only explore other planets if we can do so without harming the local ecosystems.”

Panel 5: The aliens look at each other, nodding in agreement.

Alien 3: “Sounds like a wise approach.”

Alien 2: “Agreed. Let’s make sure we follow that principle on our next mission.”

Panel 6: The aliens fly off in their spaceship, leaving Earth behind.

Alien 1: “Until next time, Earthlings. Keep asking those pesky ethical questions.”

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