Virtual Reality Coffee Breaks: When Convenience Goes Too Far

Panel 1:

A person sitting at their desk, wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset.

Person: Ah, time for my virtual coffee break!

Panel 2:

The person takes off their VR headset and sees that their physical coffee mug is empty.

Person: Wait, I need a real coffee first.

Panel 3:

The person stands up and walks to a nearby coffee machine.

Person: Ugh, this is so inconvenient.

Panel 4:

The person puts on a futuristic-looking smartwatch.

Person: But at least my smartwatch can brew my coffee for me!

Panel 5:

The smartwatch starts beeping and a holographic coffee cup appears.

Person: Perfect!

Panel 6:

The person takes a sip of the holographic coffee and looks disgusted.

Person: Ugh, this tastes terrible! I should have just made a real cup of coffee.

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