Quantum Energy

Panel 1: Two scientists in lab coats are standing in front of a complex-looking machine.

Scientist 1: I can’t believe it. We’ve actually done it!

Scientist 2: Yes, the quantum energy generator is finally complete.

Panel 2: The scientists flip a switch and the machine starts humming.

Scientist 1: Let’s see what this baby can do.

Panel 3: The machine starts emitting a bright light and the scientists shield their eyes.

Scientist 2: Whoa, that’s intense!

Panel 4: The light show ends and the scientists look at each other in amazement.

Scientist 1: I think we just discovered the future of energy production.

Panel 5: A janitor enters the room, holding a coffee mug.

Janitor: Hey, have you guys seen my coffee machine? It disappeared into thin air.

Scientist 2: Um, we might have some side effects to work out.

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