Panel 1: A group of excited customers are gathered around a robot barista in a café.

Customer 1: Wow, this is amazing! My latte is perfect.

Customer 2: And look, the robot even drew a cute heart on my cappuccino.

Panel 2: The café owner is standing at the counter, looking proud.

Owner: Our robot baristas can make any coffee drink you want, just the way you like it.

Panel 3: A grumpy customer enters the café, holding a crumpled piece of paper.

Grumpy Customer: Excuse me, I ordered a soy latte with no foam, and this is clearly a regular latte with foam.

Panel 4: The robot barista is holding up its arms in a shrug.

Robot Barista: I’m sorry, I am programmed to make coffee drinks according to customer orders.

Panel 5: The grumpy customer storms out of the café.

Grumpy Customer: This is ridiculous, I’m never coming back here again!

Panel 6: The owner and the other customers are laughing.

Owner: Some people just can’t handle the future.

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