Work and Training Tuesday

Today was Indian Tuesday, and I guess the start of the Duwali celebration (?). I celebrated with Vindaloo X-hot, no rice and Ramlösa Citrus. Haven’t had a Coca Cola since coming back from the United States.

It is sooo good.

Todays lunch

After work it was time for volleyball practice (FUN FUN FUN). As a warmup, I ran 10 laps around the hall. After the ball based warmup (passing with finger and bagger and the occational smash) it was time for in-spike. After a while I had to take a rest… The same thing actually happened last thursday during that volleyball practice. After some minutes of rest and water I was fit for fight again. Low bloodsugar perhaps or water inbalance?

We then went on to practice receiving on one side and defending on one. That went well I think but everyone needs to be more focused. The last segment of the training it was regular play, and that is really fun.

After a quick shower it was time for Lindy Hop dancing (“free training”). Not that many people though but the dances I had were nice :). We practiced the turn we practiced last friday and I re-found an old passing variant which has a quite nice rubber-band feeling.. I wonder when I did that the last time.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day (like all days actually). Since coming back from USA I have been thinking more of what I eat, what / how much I exercise (both the planned exercise and everyday exercise, I call them NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). One of those basic things I have added is walking a detour to work (categorizes it as NEAT-W (W for walking). I make notes of all the things I eat, train and the measurable parameters (weight, fat %, “diameter”). I’m collecting knowledge from different sites which I try to learn from and use in my way forward (a bit leaner version of myself, ready for Beach December 2011).

Last tuesday I received some food supplements which I added to my daily food routines last wednesday.. So tomorrow morning I will have used a combination of health food, food recommendations, my normal exercise with the addition of some NEAT exercises, for one week. It will be interesting to measure the different parameters….


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