2 april, 80.5kg, zombie run during lunch time, boogie woogie class

Today the weight was at 80.5 kg (up 0.3 kg since yesterday).

Wedding in Atlanta

For some reasons some of you didn’t seem to believe me when I wrote that I had purchased a plane ticket to Atlanta for a period in May to go to a wedding with the bride’s sister (whom I haven’t met yet). I guess 1 April was a bad day to share such news so hence I’m resharing it again. I’m really looking forward to this trip and the wedding. I’m sure it will be an experience! That is why some of my posts here will be in english as well since my wedding date may have a hard time reading my postings in swedish :).

Zombie run during lunch

Today I had mission 8, “Tess – A traitor is fleeing with important secrets”. She had stolen some laptops and sensitive information so I and another runner had to catch up with her before she could hand it over to another town. Luckily we succeeded and we found some motorbikes to use on the way home. The exercise today took about 50 minutes and the distance was 8km.


Running 50minutes, 8km (see zombie run above for details)

Boogie woogie 80 minutes. The only new turna today was a passage with a double turn (i.e. both turn during the passing). The other was a turn for both persons as well: triple step, triple step, a push to signal turn and at that time both turn on the place and then do a passing after the turn is complete.


Breakfast:   3 knäckebröd with keso (chipotle-chili), ham, orange juice, antioxidant capsule

Lunch: Villa Oscar buffet (mixed swedish and thai food)

Dinner: Porkchops in sauce with potatoes and rice and sallad

Other: natural candy, apple, Whey-80 strawberry

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  1. Yes! I’m reading this post, and I’m very happy you are writing in English! Thanks! haha! You should include a Word of the Week for those of us that need foreign language classes. 😀

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