3 april, 81kg, beachvolleyball, lindy hop

Today the weight was 81kg (up 0.5kg since yesterday morning)


Beachvolley 90min. Today we only played 2 on 2 (paradise games).

Lindy hop 60min. Me and Karla practised some of the aerials from the advanced aerial workshop. We did 3-4 hip-flips. The first ones since the workshop, nice! Also did some Beetle, some frog jumps, one pecking. We also did the turn upside down :).

Bugg 10 minutes (typical swedish social dance)


Breakfast: 3 knäckebröd with keso (chipotle-chili), ham, orange juice, antioxidant capsule

Lunch: Chicken Masala xhot no rice, citrus mineral water

Dinner: Meat with potatoe gratain and carrots, orange juice

Other: 2 apples, goji berries, Whey-80 strawberry, Skyr raspberry-pomegranate

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