17 april, 80.5kg, volleyball, lindy hop shim-sham, KHK t-shirt

Today the weight was 80.5kg (down 1.1kg since yesterday).

KHK t-shirt Mission Completed

Today I met a few of the KHK hockey players when I was buying my t-shirt – KHK Mission Completed. It’s a celebration t-shirt for the advancement to the Allsvenskan, only 300 copies are sold and I signed up early for it.


Beachvolley (indoor) 90 minutes. We played 2 on 2 the whole time. Nice. Got some semi-good spikes to the side 🙂

Lindy hop 40 minutes. We practiced Shim Sham in preparation for the dance performance we are about to give.


Breakfast: Yoghurt with a banana

Lunch: Vindaloo xhot-rice, citrus

Dinner: 2 originalburgers from Max.

Other: 3 cookies, icecream, whey-80 strawberry (protein supplement)


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