18 april, 80.3kg, Boxfit at Lokomotion

Today the weight was 80.3kg (down 0.2 kg since yesterday). Sweet! 🙂


My collegue had the idea that I should try Boxfit after me posting something about going to Lokomotion (one of the local gyms here in Karlskrona). So we ended up being four lindy hop dancers going there :). Also met two friends from the class before, one of them is also a lindy hopper 🙂 and the other was the Zumba instructor. In total we were 7 participants plus the instructor for the Boxfit class. The exercises (thanks Karla for reminding me of the exercises I had forgot!):

  • Datten (pjett) – This is an original childs game but good for get the cardio pumping. One person is appointed “hunter” and should then run after the others and touch one who then becomes the hunter and so it continues for a few minutes. Score! I was the only one who never became the hunter. I guess my recent zombie-evading-runs are actually paying off 🙂
  • Normal punches – Now we took turns holding the “mitsar” (sort of protective gear) and hitting. First normal straight punches (left to right and right to left), then hooks (more from the side with bent elbows). To finish it up we did uppercuts. Then we began from the beginning again and one could feel that this was a good and fun exercise! Also, just holding the “mitsar” proved to be good training as well.
  • Light punches on the big “mits” while both bending legs, with some jumps to break the pattern and to activate more muscle groups I guess.
  • Alternating kicks, knees and punches in different levels. First one did straight low kicks on every step towards the partners “mitsar”. The goal here was to keep the tempo. Then we raised the level of the “mitsar” and switched to kneeing. Then normal straight punches and then at the end we were to punch over the partners head (holding the mitsar over ones head was quite painful for the arms :), static training).
  • Combination with kick-turn-kick back and turn. First one kick (side kick) with one leg and one continue the turn so the back is toward the sparring partner. Then you do a horse kick with the other leg (upwards back).
  • The idiot. 10 pushups, run across the floor, do 10 situps, run back and then do the same thing again but only do 9 of each and then onwards 8, 7… down to 1. Quite painful for the stomach/core for me. But good exercise.
  • Very tough exercise for the abs. Lying on the back with legs/feet 10 cm above ground and then lift the legs straight up towards the partners stomach whose ancles you hold on to for support. This was really tough on the abs…
  • The ring. Stood in the ring just japping (punching) with bent knees and stepping/jumping. Then at times the instructor shouted jump, situps or pushup and we followed her command and then back to punching.

I really liked the exercise, it got my heart pumping and I tried something I haven’t tried before. The Boxfit class was 55 minutes long.

Sample exercise from another place



Breakfast: Yoghurt with a banana

Lunch: Villa Oscar buffet, mixed food.

Dinner: Goulash soup

Other: 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 clementine, 4 cookies (I deleted them good), Glycoslim-whey-80 strawberry with milk and frozen raspberries. Goji-berries.

2 thoughts on “18 april, 80.3kg, Boxfit at Lokomotion

  1. I remember three more exercises!
    First in the warming up session, we did light punches on the big “mits” while both bending legs, with some jumps.
    After the alternating kicks/punches we did the wierd combination with kick-turn-kick back and turn…
    After the “idiot” we did a very tough exercise for the abs, how could you forget! Almost killed me. 😛

    It was fun to try this with you, I’m happy you came! Good job by the way! Hope your muscles are sore today as well. 😛

    • Hi
      I’m glad I came there as well, really fun training with you! And thanks for the help with the lost exercises. I have tried describing them in the post now.
      In the morning I didn’t feel anything particular but now I can feel that my abs are strained, also part of the back muscles are strained as well :). NICE!

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